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Common Roles in Video Production

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

When the average person think of a video production, or shooting a video, they may only picture 1 or 2 people need to get the job done. This is far from reality. There are lots of roles that go into producing a great video and if you read below you can find out about the most essential ones.


Brief Description

The producer is in charge of overseeing the entire production process. They are frequently the one who acquires the rights to produce the video, ensures that production schedules are kept to, and supervises the editing of the production once filming is completed.

Average Rate

$700-$1000(Flat Rate)

Production Assistant(PA)

Brief Description

A production assistant assists the producer or director on set. Everyday, they prep the cast, crew, and set for the shoot. They aid in the clear communication of the director's directions to the cast and crew.

Average Rate


Director of Photography(Cinematographer, DOP, or DP)

Brief Description

The camera and lighting personnel are under their command. They're the ones in charge of the look, color, lighting, and framing of each and every shot in a movie.

Average Rate

$600-$1000(Day Rate)

Audio Tech

Brief Description

Audio technicians, sometimes known as sound technicians, assist with recording and sound production by setting up, testing, and adjusting sound and recording equipment.

Average Rate

$300-$500(Day Rate)


Brief Description

In a film, commercial, or television show, the grip is in charge of setting up equipment to support the camera. The grip is in charge of rigging the camera so that it can move around the set and record footage. Camera dollies, cranes, tracks, and camera setup are all handled by the grip.

Average Rate

$400-$500(Day Rate)


Brief Description

A Video Editor is responsible for transforming raw material shot by a film team and director into the final output. This entails following a plan, script, or shot list and putting the footage together into a single movie or film. Many camera angles and takes are frequently recorded in video and film work.

Average Rate

$50-$75(Hourly Rate)

Now there are many other roles not listed and its not because they aren't important, but we ultimately feel like the roles we did list are the standard for most video productions. Also the rates listed are industry-wide, not something we just made up. I hope this will provide a little clarity on why video productions can sometimes be rather pricey.

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